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Glenzsoft is a fully fledge IT partner enabling our clients to transform into digitized business operations and information systems. Through such business transformations they are well equipped to reach out to their clients with the state of the art technologies and medium of communication that enhance customer experience and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Since our inception in 1998, Glenzsoft has served more than 400 clients in Sri Lanka and overseas covering a wide range of industries including, healthcare, education, manufacturing, Trade, and many more meeting multi-dimensional application requirements such as sales, inventory management, accounting and financial reporting, human resources management, and payroll systems in order to improve productivity

Our professional team comprises a good mix of experience and youth to have the right blend of maturity and agility to suit the customer requirements. Our team also comprises a wide range of expertise to develop slick desk-top applications, websites, and mobile applications.

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Our genuine interest in understanding the business processes and stakeholder requirements help us designing and developing systems to meet our customer requirements precisely. Our experience and expertise in diversified industries, our unique approach not only in understanding customer requirements but also in advising the clients various areas to improve efficiency and effectiveness and the commitment to meet customer time lines help us win the hearts of all the stakeholders of our clients.

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We have earned more than three hundred and fifty(350) prestigious clients in various parts of Sri Lanka and overseas. We are overwhelmed on the trust that our invaluable clients have placed on us to implement systems which drives their day to day business operations. We are also strongly encouraged and further motivated when we hear the complementing words on the success stories from clients on the support that our systems provide in their accelerated business growth and success.


Through our dedicated services over the years since 1998 we have been able to win customers from and expose our team to diversified industries. In installing the thousand plus applications we have interacted with people from various fields and stages in their careers. We have had the opportunity to understand the operational aspects from the frontline people on the field and professionals in the back offices.

the mean time we have had great experiences in interacting with visionary personalities and business magnets in the attempt of understanding the ultimate business information requirements of the business owners for strategic decision making.

the process of developing and implementing various applications for Corporates from diversified industries our team also have learned the best practices in at various departmental operations both to improve efficiency and effectiveness and also to encounter challenges.


CSkilled employees who are dedicated to our clients’ success Each system is tailored to meet our customers’ needs We continually identify, test, and deploy new technologies Refine best Practices to make a positive impact on our customers’ business Stay creative and be forward thinking, proactive and adaptive Promote trust and credibility


Glenzsoft’s development methodology promotes a result-driven interactive approach and guarantees better customer service in terms of quality and cost. We continuously improve our methodology to meet customer expectations through accelerated development schedules and high quality results. We have refined our business processes by blending leading industry practices spanning from classical Waterfall to modern Agile methodologies.


Our seasoned team of engineers leverages a vast array of development and operating technologies to deliver services and solutions that will surely surpass your needs and expectations

The latest technologies that we use at present are: Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Angularjs, node.js, JSON, ASP.Net MVC, XML, ASP.Net Core, Java Script, Ajax Android, Cordova MSSQL Server, LINQ, NoSQL Crystal Reports, Vb.net C#.Net, Programming office application Azure cloud


Our core strength is our passionate, committed and dedicated team. Our Team Composition in terms of skill and experience at present is as follows:

We ensure to keep the momentum among the team at a very high level at all the times. We are very careful at the selection and recruitment process to identify not only talented individuals but also to select team members with the right attitude to serve our customers genuinely and passionately.

We also continuously educate our team on the need of our passionate in genuinely serving our clients

System Architect carries over 19 years of experience in System design and deliver. And Our Business analyst carries 24 years of experience in Business management.


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