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We have been in the business of helping businesses like yours for over 20 years.
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Helping businesses to grow through digital products is a challenge task.

Over the past 20 years, we have done it well.

Glenzsoft, We are software company established in 1998. 480+ happy clients around Sri Lanka have trusted our products over 20+ years. The testimonials demonstrate how our services have assisted our clients' business success over time. It also illustrates that we go extra mile to win our clients' long-term trust.

Our in-depth technical knowledge and awareness of our customers' business requirements are the instruments that enable us to design one-of-a-kind apps that help them succeed.

Our apps are simple and easy to use. They guide and encourage our clients to achieve business success. We are a passionate and welcoming team. Our top aim is to establish ourselves as a true technology partner, committed to satisfying client needs now while also supporting their future business needs.
Our services are, creating;

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Our Core Principles at Glenzsoft

Our Mission

“To deliver unique software applications for client’s success and to improve the lives of all application stakeholders”

Our Vision

“To become the most loved IT company that helps prospering businesses and makes people's lives better”

Our Values

  • Desire for Superior Outcomes

  • Embrace Ownership Mindset

  • Believe in Teamwork

  • Exhibit Integrity

  • Respect People

Our Roadmap To Your Business Goals

Committed quality products and the better results you expect

01. Understanding your business goals

In order to provide a reliable and effective solution, we carefully examine each client case to understand the client's goals and objectives. In order to help clients make better choices in the future, we thoroughly examine all of the options and provide competent recommendations.

02. Providing the more value possible

At Glenzsoft, we're passionate about providing our clients the most value possible to support their success in a competitive and ever-changing business environment. Understanding that the success of our clients is correlated to our own success gives rise to our core company values.

03. Being a true technology partner

To become the dependable, long-term partner of our clients, we go extra mile. Our first priority is becoming a true technology partner. We are dedicated to providing professional services and solutions while also attending to the demands of customers today and in the future as their businesses grow.

One Team Many Talents


Kanan, as the company's founder and long-term CEO, carries 20+ years of experience in software development, and provides leadership to the teams that have created key applications at Glenzsoft for the enrichment of our clients’ business. As a result of his enormous experience and understanding of software development, he ensures that our teams are well-positioned for both our clients' and our own success. Under his leadership, Glenzsoft is well positioned for the digital future.

He acquired his B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, his MSc in Information Technology from Keele University in United Kingdom, and his MBA from London Metropolitan University in United Kingdom.

Our Team

We believe in continuous innovation and improvement as a team. Our workforce is adaptable to changing business circumstances. It assists us in effectively managing and achieving the objectives of our customers' projects. We take great effort during the recruitment and selection process to find not just exceptional individuals, but also team members with the necessary mentality to serve our customers honestly and enthusiastically. We make every effort to maintain a high degree of team spirit at all times.

Our Engineering team is cross-functional and made up of people with a diverse set of talents. Our CEO contributes to the system design and implementation process on every project we work on. The app development team is led by a Technical Manager with over 12 years of experience in software development. When our clients are unable to fulfill the role of product owner (PO), we step in and conduct the necessary dialogues.

Our Manager, having 13+years of experience in software development and building customer relationships, leads our operations. Our Administrative and Accounting staff-members are motivated, industrially experienced, and qualified to ensure that our daily operations and transactions go smoothly. They are highly motivated individuals who foster positive relationships with our clients and vendors.

Our salespeople think more strategically. Our sales team appreciates listening to customer demands while keeping an open mind in order to assist organizations. They always tell the truth about Glenzsoft's capabilities to the company.

Our experienced Customer Support Team play a vital role in offering a personalized service to all of our customers via a variety of channels and contact methods.

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Our experience, skills, methodologies, technologies and the industries we work in..

Experience We Collect

Our Experience

Since 1998, Our Team has been accumulating relevant experience from a variety of industries while aiming to help our clients flourish through our passionate services.

We've interacted with people from diverse fields and stages in their careers while installing thousands of applications. We have the opportunity to learn about the operational aspects from frontline field workers and back office specialists.

Meanwhile, we've had a lot of exciting meeting with visionary individuals and business leaders in the hopes of better understanding the ultimate business information needs of business owners for strategic decision-making.

Our team has acquired best practices in various departmental operations both to increase efficiency and effectiveness and to overcome problems during the process of creating and implementing various apps for Corporates from a variety of industries.

Our Skills
Industries We Work On
Methodologies We Practice
Technologies We Apply

We work towards your business goals.

Our main area of expertise is listening to your project's goals and understanding the purpose behind them.

The next step is to create a road map for achieving it. Then, we'll decide how each member of our team will contribute. Then, begin with just one main objective.

After the project is successfully completed, our customer support team will deliver the project and continue to look after you.

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