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Desktop Application (DTA)

Switch to Our DTAs, Boost Your Business

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Empower your workforce with robust desktop applications tailored to optimize performance and productivity. Enjoy the familiarity and power of desktop computing with our intuitive interfaces, feature-rich functionalities, and seamless integration with your existing systems. Boost efficiency and streamline workflows with our desktop app solutions.

We specialize in creating custom desktop applications that meet your specific needs and business goals. Our team is skilled in using Microsoft technologies and industry standards to craft effective, user-friendly, and visually appealing applications.

With over 20 years of experience, we have a proven track record of resolving business challenges through our apps.

Amazing features we buid in your applications

Tailored Business Solutions

Our applications are designed to address your specific business challenges, providing customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Effortless Integration

Streamline your business practices effortlessly with our desktop applications, ensuring smooth incorporation into your existing processes.

Profitability Enhancement

Experience a tangible increase in profits with our solutions, optimizing efficiency and maximizing returns on your business investments.

Proven Track Record

Benefit from our team's 20+ years of expertise in successfully resolving business challenges through our desktop applications.

Swift Decision-Making

Empower your team to make fast and effective decisions, fostering agility and responsiveness in your business operations.

Business Goal Attainment

Drive toward and achieve your business goals with the support of our applications, providing the tools necessary for success.

Enhanced Relationships

Build stronger connections with your employees, customers, and suppliers, fostering better communication and collaboration.

Revenue Boost

Our applications are strategically designed to boost your revenue streams, creating opportunities for business growth and expansion.

Profitable Business Improvement

Elevate your business to new heights of profitability by leveraging the capabilities of our desktop applications.

Clients Stories

Great words from our clients.

We commend GLENZSOFT for its valuable contribution to the Group’s steady GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT in fast tracking, in accelerating & in elevating the process to the present multi-dimensional operation level. In turn we offer our heartfelt best wishes to GLENZSOFT to achieve excellence in the industry with its versatile array of assets: People, Process & Technology.

Glenzsoft Client
The New Pharmacy Group of Company
Mr.K.K.P Sirisena - Managing Director

What you do is really a good job, and we are glad that we have decided to work with you. It is really great how you respond to our queries and problems and appreciate the solutions you provide us with.

Glenzsoft Client
Pharmatec (Pvt.)Ltd

We are very satisfied with the services provided by your company which is very reliable and attending to emergency problems around the clock. I would like to recommend your company to anybody.

Glenzsoft Client
Oshadhi 24 hr Medical Laboratory
Prof Dhammika M. Dissanayake
The Director

This is to commend and appreciate “GLENZSOFT” for the yeoman excellent services and novel solutions with high technology that has been given to our organization during the past and in return it helped us to offer better, quality and excellent services to our business partners in all aspects. Without any hesitation we can recommend “GLENZSOFT” to any organization who seeks for a better quality solutions and service for the betterment of the business. We wish all the very best to “GLENZSOFT” in their future endeavors.

Glenzsoft Client
JGP Marketing (Pvt) Ltd,
Mr. J.G. Tilakasiri - Managing Director

Your Service is Excellent. Flexible, Friendly, efficient & Cost Effective Service. "As a result of your service, we could acquire a sustainable development of our Business organization.

Glenzsoft Client
High level International School
Mrs.Geetha Bavan – The Director

Your Service & Commitment towards our company, A Pictures is exceptional. You add value to our company. Together let us scale new height & make impossible to possible.

Glenzsoft Client
A Pictures
Mr.Athula Jayasundara - Chairman

GLENZSOFT team provide us a high quality service with excellent teamwork. I think GLENZSOFT service would help to grow and develop our business safer. GLENZSOFT is a flexible and friendly team.

Glenzsoft Client
Mayura Colour Paints Lanka (Pvt.)Ltd
Mr.G.R.S Gamlath - Director

Your services are extremely satisfactory. Moreover , the service was trustworthy and our problems were attended to immediately, constantly and effectively. I would highly recommend your company to stakeholders.

Glenzsoft Client
Mr.L.K.K.J.P.R Wajira Jayasuriya - Director

We at Kumudu Pharmacy have been using your Tricare LOB & POS software system since 2016 & we have found our life is becoming so easy day by day. It is with the greatest gratitude we would like to thank you & your software engineers, who have been very supportive. Also, we take this opportunity to thank all the staff who have been supportive all these time. Nevertheless, we must also mention that your software has been very user-friendly and provided us with all the critical data and information when required.

Glenzsoft Client
Kumudu Hospital Matale
Mr. Kamal Wijetillake - Partner

we are happy to talk about the service of Glenzsoft IT solutions since 2018. They are providing a good supporting system for company operation And have a good supporting team working with us to realize system break down & system modification through email,telephone and Remote Access.

Glenzsoft Client
Kotmale Food Products (Pvt) Ltd,
Mr. J.G.D. Bandara - Managing Director

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