Clothing Application


Clothing Application

This system was developed to support Clothing operations, and it includes almost all the modules to support this business such as Raw matiral Management, Finished stock Management,Process Management and more.

It’s powerful and easy to use. Our clients have been using this application for over 05 years, and have seen significant improvements in their businesses. It will also help the growth of your company. Our team is always there to help you.

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Frequently asked questions

Customer support

What are the contact numbers for accessing support?
For support, kindly refer to the designated contact numbers available in the support section of our website at Contact Us. Requests made through numbers other than those provided for support may not be addressed.
What should I do if the provided numbers are busy?
If the provided numbers are engaged, we kindly ask for your patience. Alternatively, you can send us an SMS or WhatsApp message to notify us of your inquiry. We'll prioritize your request and get back to you as soon as possible.
What support services are available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) during business hours?
We provide support for application-related requests made by our clients, including tasks such as app reinstallation, online training sessions, and other system-related inquiries during our business hours on weekdays (Monday to Friday). We prioritize system breakdown fixing as a high-priority task within our services.
What support services are offered during weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and after regular business hours?
While our primary focus during weekends and after-hours is to promptly address system breakdowns to ensure the continuity of your business operations, please note that requests such as system upgrades or additional training made by clients during these periods will be addressed on the following Monday or the next working day.
What if I require training sessions or want to request upgrades during weekends and after-hours?
Please feel free to drop us an email, send an SMS, or reach out via WhatsApp in advance if you require training sessions or wish to request upgrades during weekends and after-hours. We will promptly attend to your message on the next business day, and you can expect to hear from us before 10 am. Rest assured, a dedicated support team member will be arranged to attend to your needs promptly. Please note that these requests will be treated as special system queries, and if there is any associated cost, we will send you a quote in advance.
Are there any fees associated with new upgrades?
We kindly request clients to refer to our Service Level Agreement (SLA), where all details regarding fees for new upgrades are clearly outlined
Is it necessary to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Glenzsoft in order to receive support for the application I purchased?
Yes, you need to sign an SLA with Glenzsoft to receive support. It's important to note that we do not sell products without an SLA agreement in place. If you haven't signed an SLA for the product you purchased, please contact our sales team for further details. We are dedicated to supporting your business.
Is the license for a particular product purchased transferable to another business?
No.If you have transferred the license to another business, it is essential that the current license owner informs us of the new business owner. After this notification, the license for the current owner will be invalidated. However, the new business owner can then contact us to explore options and continue using the product Please refer to your Service Level Agreement (SLA) for details.

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